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The education bubble is destroying a whole generation.

It is now possible to get university education for a fraction of the cost. In fact, these courses are provided by professors from universities such as Harvard, Stanford, Princeton, U of Michigan, U of Toronto and even Google.

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Get a Computer Science degree for just $6,000 in 3 years.

That's right. $6,000 tuition for all 3 years.

Save in other ways

  1. AVVA is an online school, so you can study from anywhere. You will network with classmates via meetups or online. Other than that, you will no longer need to spend time and money on transportation.
  2. Accomodation costs
  3. No more walking/waiting between classes as experienced in traditional universities.

Start your career sooner

In traditional universites, students work 4 months at low income jobs and attend 8 months of school per year. At AVVA, students will get one month off before each 8 months of school. Since the cost is so low, there is less need to work in-between school years. See it graphically:

Big benefits:

  1. Start a high income job with professional level salaries sooner
  2. Avoid financial stress

Get a Computer Science degree by enrolling today. Engineering, Business, Economics and Math degree programs COMING SOON!

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Which of the following which you prefer to hire?

  • A graduate with finanical stress, which impacts his/her work performance.
  • A graduate with no financial stress, who has learned how to learn forever from the internet and not be dependent on professors to learn new skills.

AVVA's methodology has many advantages:

  1. The students will demonstrate that they can teach themselves, with minimal handholding. At AVVA university, they will teach themselves several skills. After they graduate, they will need to teach themselves something different. Professors justify universities by claiming that they teach students how to learn. We will do better. We teach students to teach themselves forever, so they will always stay up to date. What students learn from us will never be obsolete.
  2. The students will build applications to showcase to you.
  3. If you want to hire a graduate who is similar in capabilities as a Stanford graduate, you simply hire AVVA graduates with the highest percentile grade. The final grade will not only be a A+, A, B+, B, C, etc. but also include a percentile, to rank the student against the other students. Relative performance is always a more useful indicator versus simply a grade. A passing grade does not mean much if 95 percent of the class has passed.
  4. AVVA's system is based on meritocracy. Due to AVVA's low tuition and higher capacity for more students, no parents will be bribing the school to get their children in. You will know that you are not hiring these kinds of cheaters.

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